Trips and Falls Nearly Ready

In case any of you wondered what it really means being an independent record label, it is shown in these pictures (click to enlarge).  This is the Trips and Falls album He Was Such a Quiet Boy carpeting our floors.  We hand print two colours onto the sleeves, apply two different stickers to the front, then fold up the box and insert the CD and the inlay card.  Then we do it again, two hundred and ninety-nine more times.

Still, looks fucking lovely doesn’t it.  Chris from Meursault  and his brother Mike did the artwork under the guise of their new graphic art powerhouse-in-indie-slippers enterprise The Brothers Grimm.  They also did the artwork for the new Meursault album, which is looking fantastic as well, so a big thanks to them both.

It’s times like this that being a record label is really fucking cool.  You can pre-order the album from here, if you want – out on 22nd March.

Trips and Falls – How Do You Do…

Trips and Falls – And in Real Life He Wears Corduroy Pants