It’s Lifeboat Time Again

Around this time of year Mrs. Toad has developed a strange habit of getting off her lazy arse and actually doing something for a change.  That something is collecting for the Royal National Lifeboat Association.

The RNLI is a spectacular dodge of responsibility by the government in that they allow such a crucial rescue service to remain entirely dependent on charity and on the work of volunteers.  This is frankly unbelievable if you ask me, but certainly increases the urgency of supporting the people with the courage to volunteer and the commitment to do the work.  Imagine if the fucking fire brigade were a charity!

Anyhow, somewhat incredulous outrage aside, once a year volunteers hit the streets to shake a tin and collect for the RNLI.  Mrs. Toad runs the Stockbridge collection, and we would really appreciate help from any of you who feel you can spare a couple of hours of your time this weekend.

It’s pretty simple, Mrs. Toad and I will cook a big old roast lamb, and people can turn up whenever they like and spend an hour or two (or whatever you can spare) shaking a tin at various locations around Stockbridge, and we will feed you wine and roast lamb for your efforts.  We will also record a podcast (which is inevitably rather messy – here’s last year’s) at the end of the evening, which is supposed to feature sea songs and various stuff like that.  It’s pretty good fun, honestly, so if you fancy coming along between 10am and 4pm this Saturday (1st May – not Sunday, as I originally posted) and making a bit of a contribution then please let me know.

Broken Records – And They All Fell Into the Sea (Live on 6Music)
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