Glaciers – Here Come the Glaciers

I first got into Glaciers via some acoustic sessions recorded a while ago, and I’d come to think of the music as matching the name, which it still sort of does, just not in the way that I first thought.

Initially I saw the glacial nature of the band in the stillness.  Acoustically this is quiet, quiet music, of the sort that is drowned out by scrunched footsteps in the snow.  In this incarnation, with cymbal crashes muted but nevertheless everywhere, and the jangle of guitar never far away either, it seems more that it is the quiet, stubborn insistence which makes the name of this band so appropriate.

Because there is definitely something very purposeful about this album.  It may not rub it in your face, but it reminds me of trying to get a consensus in a meeting – you ask the quiet one last because everyone assumes that their hush represents assent, but in this case there is a silent but unshakeable denial.

It’s also far poppier than I expected. For some reason I was anticipating a rather austere album full of electronic clicks and distorted gain, but this is a tight, confident album with plenty of melody and a happy allocation of upbeat, toe-tapping songs.

There is still a fair bit of the aforementioned elements – the pops and clicks, the distorted atmospheric sounds, harmonium drones, songs which completely change direction about half way through, and the vocals certainly sound like they are snipped from a more experimental album than this one.  But with the piano and the lovely guitar sounds, this album has ended up as an immediately enjoyable and very satisfying record indeed.

It’s oddly all over the place too.  How Long ends with a distinctly trippy guitar and cymbal wig out, whereas at other times, such as In the Meeting of Tides, the piano staggers around the song like a drunken Wolf Parade.  This makes for a very rich album which very much rewards repeated listens, as much from song to song as across the record as a whole – a really impressive piece of work.

Glaciers – Happy Halloween

Glaciers – Golden Tones

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