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Time again for bit of a Song, by Toad Records and Various Other Bollocks update, because there are several little bits of news in which you may all be interested.  No, make that very interested.

I’ll start with the tour stuff, I think.

Meursault get back from their European tour this weekend, and I am generously going to give them about half an hour to rest and recuperate, before getting the lazy fuckers’ noses back to the grindstone.  They are playing a homecoming gig at next Friday’s (21st) This Is Music birthday party at Sneaky Pete’s.  This will be packed, noisy and sweaty, so I recommend you get your tickets early because Sneaky’s just ain’t that big.  Tickets here.

The following night, Neil will also be playing some solo acoustic bits and pieces to open Toad and Ruth’s Toad and Ruth Gig With Toad and Ruth and Sam and Ritchie and Leif and Neil (which is a damn snappy title, if you ask me).  That night will take place in the brilliant Queen Charlotte Rooms in Leith, and is also part of Loch Lomond’s Night Bats EP launch tour.  Leif Vollebekk is playing as well, the amazing Sam Amidon is headlining, and because this is a Bowery night there will also be poetry readings and crafts.  There are only eighty tickets available, so I’d get them in advance if I were you – from here.  If everyone from the Facebook thingies actually comes, we’ll need the room twice.

Loch Lomond‘s Night Bats tour has been fleshed out with a couple of London dates.  As well as playing the first ever Song, by Toad Night in Glasgow (Mono, Wednesday 19th May, tickets here) they will be playing:
Tuesday 18th: Electroacoustic at the Slaughtered Lamb, London.
Wednesday 19th: Mono, Glasgow, with Meursault.
Thursday 20th: The Tunnels, Aberdeen, with The Tim and Sam Band.
Friday 21st: The Barrels Alehouse, Berwick, with The Tim and Sam Band.
*Saturday 22nd: Avalanche Records instore, Edinburgh, 5.30pm* – TENTATIVE.
Saturday 22nd: Queen Charlotte Rooms, Leith, with Sam Amidon.
Sunday 23rd: The Black Heart, Camden, London, with The Ghost Bees.

Loch Lomond – Tic

Next, we have three definite releases scheduled before the end of the year, and two slightly more uncertain ones.

Inspector Tapehead‘s debut album, Duress Code was scheduled for release in Summer 2008 and is, er, finally finished. I’ve been a fan of theirs for ages so I am bloody thrilled that they want to release it with us, and the album itself is fucking great.  They’ll be booking a bit of a tour for September to promote it, with the release date currently down as being August 17th, if I remember correctly.

Inspector Tapehead – Sugar on Your Sheets

Yusuf Azak has also finished his album, which he has rather unimaginatively titled ‘Yusuf Azak’s Album’.  I don’t know if that’s final or not, but in any case, it too is bloody gorgeous, and is scheduled for release in September/October or so.  I’ve been hassling Yusuf about this record for ages now, and I think I may have finally bored him into submission.

Yusuf Azak – Eastern Sun

The Savings and Loan album was due out around Christmas last year, and will now be out at Christmas this year.  I reckon early December, it’s that kind of album.  Anyhow, Andrew and Martin have been tinkering with their original EP and have now fleshed it out to a full album.

The Savings and Loan – Her Window

As well as those three, we have Animal Magic Tricks in the studio*, recording an album with Neil Meursault, and Jesus H. Foxx working on their full length debut.  Until this stuff is actually finished I can’t really give you much more detail, but they are both going to be on Song, by Toad Records and I am really excited to hear both records.

Further to that – yes, there’s more – Rob St.John has written an album’s worth of new songs, and we are trying to find a good time to get him up to record with Neil in the Summer some time.  Whether he wants to release it with us, as a self-release, or with someone else I don’t think he’s decided just yet, but as far as I am concerned that album has to happen, so anything we can do to make sure it does will be done, irrespective of how he wants to release it.  Oh, and you can bet your arse that Meursault will come up with some stupid project or other before the end of the year, knowing them.  There are rumours of another collaboration in the offing, but that’s all still up in the air.

Jesus donkey-fucking Christ I am going to be fucking busy in the second half of the bloody year.  It hurts just to look at that bloody list.

* By ‘studio’ I really mean our living room.  It sounds better if I say studio though.

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