Let’s Buy Phil’s Guitar

First things first, this post is me asking a favour from a friend, but not from everyone.  A lot of people who read this site do so from a  long way away, physically or figuratively, and most of you can probably ignore this post as it really isn’t your problem.

For the rest, Phil is a good friend of mine who has recently moved down to Edinburgh from Aberdeen, and in doing so has put himself in pretty dire financial straits.  So dire that he recently put his prize Fender Jaguar up for sale, and you might want to ask a musician if you don’t know how much of a wrench that must have been for the guy.

We’ve all wavered on this, honestly.  Partly, sometimes people just can’t afford things, and you can’t have a big teary appeal every time life is not as sentimental as we would like it to be.  On the other hand, I have been in pretty rotten financial states myself from time to time in the past, and without fail my friends have fished me out of the shit every time, despite there really being nothing in it for them at all.

Phil isn’t just a good mate, he has done an awful lot for me since he moved down here, and I owe him a lot for all the extra work and help and support he has provided, and I am far from alone in this.  So we had a look at the actual sums, and realised that pretty much anyone would happily buy a mate a pint, and if we could find about a hundred and fifty such people to donate the price of a pint we could actually buy Phil’s guitar for about as much money each as anyone would happily lose down the back of the sofa without a second thought.

So anyone who has a reason to be grateful to Phil, be it in his capacity as promoter under the name of Slanted and Enchanted, or as guitarist in Meursault or his own musical project Debutant, or just because he is a fucking lovely guy, it would be nice if you wanted to help.  He’s a proud fucker, so talking him into this wasn’t exactly easy, and in the words of Lando Calrissian: “Come on Han old buddy, don’t let me down.”

I know this doesn’t concern most of you, so please feel free to ignore it and I hope you don’t feel intruded upon, but for those of you who wish to help out, please go here and make a donation.

Debutant – La Pucelle

Meursault – William Henry Miller Pt.1 (Single Version)

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