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Haarfest 2010 Video Diary – Day 1

This is my video diary from the first day of the Fence Collective’s Haarfest.

This one doesn’t have much beyond me burbling, King Creosote explaining the festival and then some tunes from Adem, Admiral Fallow and Silver Columns.

Following installments will have a bit more Anstruthery atmosphere and so on, just as soon as I can get up there properly instead of coming back and forth from Edinburgh every night.

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    Nice one. I had an idea while I was watching this. Maybe you could start each video with a sober welcome recorded in the morning or afternoon, incorporating your well-intentioned thoughts and expectations for the day ahead. Then finish it with a loud and drunken review of where it all went wrong.

    Or the other way round.

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    Yeah, the first couple are going to be a bit lopsided I think, with pish-talking at the start and music at the end. I’ll hopefully figure out how to properly put these together as I go.

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    Cactus Breath

    Great to keep in touch with the festival thx

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    By the end of the week you’ll be in a constantly pissed state, drinking whisky in your tea in the shower of a morning. The videos will be a bit more consistent – not as “lopsided” – by that point.

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    Great overview of the festival. However, Peej’s idea of a sober bit is a shade optimistic.

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    I think we may have seen the last of the sober dancing

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    Shober? Whatsssshoberthen?

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    Whisky-tea in the shower this morning, Matthew?

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    Ouch. Heid.

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    Gah. I am currently trying to upload day three, but I have had two consecutive upload failures, and it takes six hours at a time to find out it ain’t gonna work. Balls.

  12. Thanks for the first one. I was (almost) glad. No I was very glad that the slow broadband at Kate’s meant that I only got to watch a freeze-frame/stills kind of “video” version of the diary because of my crazed dancing to Silver Columns. I noticed some other folk giving it laldy on the dance floor to OTF last night. I might go mad again tonight you never know. Pls point camera away from any baldy dads on the lash and aff the leish. Ta.

    p.s – I can’t see any video at all on this computer. Maybe just as well.

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