Friday Doesn’t Know What Day Of The Week It Is

Fridge BunnyBloody hell.

This time last week I was typing out a Friday Five and planning a couple of quite weekends before Away Game at the end of the month. I was thinking about maybe shopping for camping supplies.

In an odd turn of events, however, as you read this I’m standing in a field in Dorset at End Of The Road with M’So, the ‘Glowl and whichever other reprobates have shown up.

(As I actually type this it’s the day before yesterday at around 4pm. Weird, huh?!)

Anyway, it’s five time for you lot. Remember to delurk, and don’t worry if you don’t see your message pop up straight away, someone will get around to approving it soon enough.

1. Nicest surprise you’ve ever had.

2. Most fun you’ve had setting up a surprise for someone else.

3. What’s your dream road trip?

4. Have you ever had an unexpected turn of events that turned out okay in the end.

5. Pledge to do something you hadn’t planned this weekend. Tell us what it is now, then come back next week and tell us how it went.

Prefab Sprout – Life Of Surprises

Bob Dylan – Things Have Changed

Grizzly Bear – Plans

New Order – Shellshock

Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine – Panic

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