All Sorts of Toad Records Gig News

Ohhh what jolly fun it’s been this week.  Now I know why bands find it so hard to find booking agents: because it’s a shit job and no-one in their right mind would want to do it.

Then, just as I was hating promoters for all I was worth, I started into the organisation for all my own gigs that I had to book and suddenly developed a new-found sympathy for them too.  So WHO IS TO BLAME FOR MY SHIT WEEK, THEN?  I can’t think of anyone, it’s most frustrating.

Anyhow, I think I am now just about sorted for everything, so here are some announcements for you, so you can add all sorts of Toady nonsense to your calendars. Once again, I am putting all the label announcements into a Sunday Supplement so that the blog itself isn’t totally over-run with self-pimping during the week, which I am assuming would bore the shit out of everyone, myself included.

Inspector Tapehead Hooops Session was recorded by the lovely gentlemen from OLO Worms as part of their kind hospitality to our Tapeheady friends on their recent tour – thanks lads.

Cloud Sounds Song, by Toad Records Special seems, according to Ted, to have been purchased for the price of a pint when we were down in Manchester last weekend.  It’s one of my favourite podcasts, and if you want to be even nicer, you could buy the first and thus far only (I think) Cloud Sounds Split 7″ – the song by Onions is worth it all by itself.

Peenko’s Scottish DIY Labels series features Song, by Toad this week.  I am always impressed with quite how good I am at making myself sound like a total dickhead in so few words when it comes to these mini interview thingies.  Ah well, we all need a talent of some sort I suppose, I was just hoping mine might be martial arts or a snappy dress sense or something like that instead.

All those gigs in full (more or less):

Honeytrap launch their new album Petrushka (Toad review here, listen in full and buy here), this Saturday at Medina.  Jesus H. Foxx & Sebastian Dangerfield are also on the bill, and tickets can be purchased here. I was skeptical about Medina as a venue at first, but I was at an Acoustic Edinburgh show there during the Festival and really liked it – the atmosphere was ace, and I think this is going to be an excellent night.  Doors will be kinda early though, because there’s a club night on after us, so don’t be too late.

Savings and Loan House Gig will be pretty much everyone’s first chance to see Song, by Toad Records’ latest ‘signing’ (if you can really call it that, which you can’t, honestly) before their album Today I Need Light comes out on 6th December. As it’s at our house and tickets are going steadily I would ask you to buy one in advance just so we have a reasonable idea of numbers in advance.  You can get tickets here, and I have just confirmed a (very) stripped down set by The Last Battle will also be on the cards for the evening.

The Yusuf Azak Album Release Tour is being booked up slowly but surely.  Turn on the Long Wire is every bit as good as I would have expected from Yusuf, and is out on the 15th November.  There are album launch nights booked as part of a joint tour with Ethan Ash on the following nights:

Thursday November 25th, Cellar 35 in Aberdeen.
Friday November 26th, Gambetta in Glasgow, with Jonnie Common.
Saturday November 27th, The Roxy in Edinburgh, awaiting confirmation.

The first single from his album, Eastern Sun, will be out as a free download in a week’s time or so.

AND FINALLY, the Song, by Toad Records Christmas Party has been confirmed for Thursday 16th December at the Queen Charlotte Rooms in Leith.  We’re going to have an electric stage downstairs headlined by the Savings and Loan, for whom this will also be their album launch, and an acoustic stage upstairs.  I am working on the full lineup at the moment, so there will be more announcements to come about this soon enough.

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