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Live in Edinburgh This Week – 25th October 2010

I feel I could start these listings posts with ‘Christ, 25th October, already?’ pretty much every single week at the moment.  Not that the world is getting away from me exactly – in fact it all seems to be slowly locating some semblance of normality after a couple of months trying to get my head around my new full-time responsibilities – it’s just that I have been constantly busy since I left Proper Job and in those circumstances time just buzzes past at a frightening rate.

This weekend we finally got into the territory of proper cold.  Not uncomfortably cold, or really cold, or even very cold, just that the weather is now officially cold.  You need a jacket to go outside, and it’s probably time to put the heating on and stuff like that.  It’s the end of October, Winter is most definitely around the corner, and it’s dark by the time you get home from work.

I like the cold, actually.  This Winter just gone was excellent.  I was raised in Austria where, amongst other things, you most certainly have proper seasons.  The idea of these chilly, wet, rainy British Winters has always disappointed me, and finally getting a freeze and some snow (although there was admittedly very little actual snow in Edinburgh itself) felt like we’d finally had a Winter at least vaguely worthy of the name, so come on Scotland, let’s go one better this year and actually get some snow onto the streets of the city, eh?  Alright, alright, maybe not one of my more popular rallying cries.

That song at the top of the page, incidentally, is by a gentleman who records under the name of Pregnant.  More can be found here, for those wishing to investigate.  I have a new album to listen to some time soon, but it can all be previewed by following that link, so… well, you’re not going to be doing anything better on a Monday morning, are you?

Oh, almost forgot.  Some live shows.  Monday seems to be popular this week, for some inexplicable reason:

Monday 25th October 2010: Meursault, Port Royal and Enfant Bastard at the Caves.

Meursault are, as I mentioned on Sunday, kicking off a national tour with a gig at The Caves.  I love the Caves, and I just wish I had the balls to put gigs on there more often, because it is a gorgeous venue.  There are rumours of proper drum kits and early REM infatuations in Meursault’s immediate future, but I have no real idea if that’s what we’re in for tonight, or if it will be some time before this shift in direction becomes obvious.  You’d think I’d be on top of this shit really, wouldn’t you.  But no.

Meursault – Sleet

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Monday 25th October 2010: Lichens, The Douglas Firs & Iliop at Sneaky Pete’s.

Of all the unfortunate timing… I’d really like to see the Douglas Firs again, having missed their Retreat! performance due to work commitments.  This lineup is a little more experimental, perhaps, but continues the very promising work being done by Powan Presents.  There’s a pretty worrying dearth of active promoters in Edinburgh at the moment, and it’s good to see a couple of promising new enterprises starting up.

The Douglas Firs – The Quickening

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Sunday 31st October 2010: Our Ladies of Sorrow Halloween Party at Sneaky Pete’s.

Our Ladies of Sorrow’s Halloween Party is an Edinburgh institution, merging perversions of popular local bands with perversions of Halloween-inspired cinematic collages, and presumably even bigger perversions of the Department of Health’s recommended daily alcohol intake.  This will sell out, I would think, so I’d get there early if I were you, as I can’t find a ticket link anywhere.

10 witty ripostes to Live in Edinburgh This Week – 25th October 2010

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    Matthew – don’t suppose you know the stage times for the Meursault gig tonight?

  2. avatar

    Honestly no, but I can’t imagine the lads will be onstage before half nine. As for Port Royal and Cammy, well your guess is as good as mine, really.

  3. avatar

    There’s a link to tickets on the Hallowe’en show Facebook event:

    And on the Sneaky Pete’s website. And now here:

    It’s going to be pretty good.

  4. avatar

    Splendid. Any particular special treats in store for us this year?

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    I know its just Edinburgh gigs but wanted to add that anyone at a loose end in Glasgow tonight could do worse that go see I like trains at the ABC. Their new album is very good indeed (out today).
    Plus Foals are playing at the HMV on Sunday night

    that is all

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    We’re looking into the logistics of having a pinata filled with spoiled meat.

  7. avatar

    That doesn’t sound very nice.

    Bart’s suggestion, I mean, not Wilf’s, which sounds very nice indeed.

    Bart, on the other hand… sheesh.

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    Man up, trampy.

  9. avatar

    I am not trampy anymore.

    You, on the other hand, are still ginger.

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    It’s funny that you mention early REM in conjunction with Meursault, cos that’s the one comparison I’ve drawn about them – which I hadn’t heard anywhere else..until now!

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