Friday Fears Festive Feasting

One of the reasons we are finding it near-fucking impossible to relocate Yusuf Azak’s album launch is because we are staggering into the realm of the Christmas party.  The part of the calendar between, well, pretty much now and the end of the year is almost entirely filled with Christmas parties either of the dull kind (i.e.: work) or the fun kind (i.e.: music).

So, I am looking at my calendar, and having fairly successfully laid off the feasting and carousing since we returned from China, all I see ahead of me is week upon week filled with heroic levels of gorging on booze and scran.

It’s a bit like how those ladies in the old cowboy films must have felt when tied to a railway track, unable to move, with a train thundering towards them at a frightening pace.  Except with more liver damage and less instant evisceration of course.  Nevertheless.  Scary.

My favourite weekend of the Christmas period is going to be the 16th-18th December, when we have the Song, by Toad Christmas Party, the eagleowl Stars in Their Eyes party and then Kid Canaveral’s Christmas Baubles, one after the other.  I think I am going to go to all of them, and I think I am going to get absolutely and utterly fucked at all three.  Fuck half-measures, let’s face this fucker head-on, eh!

And this brings us back to de-lurking hour here on Song, by Toad.  Every Friday is de-lurking amnesty, where you interrupt the steady flow of effluvium from the regular commenters to introduce yourself to everyone and say hello.  Fill in your five, and then let the total bollocks flow!

1. Favourite cold weather track.
2. Event which looms the most unpleasantly in your annual calendar.
3. Event for which you have to plan the furthest in advance.
4. Last real treat you gave yourself.
5. What are you looking forward to this weekend?

These five songs are from when I had just moved up to Edinburgh in 2005 and was playing for an awful amateur league football who were so awful to play for that I eneded up hating football the entire time I played for them.  Amateur league football in Scotland is the very epitome of joyless ‘fun’.

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Every Night I Die at Miyagis

The Cloud Room – Hey Now Now

Pink Mountaintops – Plastic Man You’re the Devil

Kris Kristofferson – This Old Road

Holly Golightly – Tell Me Now so I Know

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