Friday is Granite

Today I am off to Aberdeen to see Meursault play, get cabbaged with Paddy and Andy from Gerry Loves Records, and put up some posters for the Yusuf Azak album launch gig.  We will record this week’s podcast with monumental hangovers, probably in Andy’s Mum’s living room I think.  My ambitions are limited to scoring a coffee and a bacon sandwich, anything other than that will be excessive.

Some interesting news in the world of Rupert Murdoch and his lovely, cuddly NewsRape corporation – the company which brings the world Fox News, a news channel so full of lies that it is actually banned from calling itself a news channel in Europe.

Firstly, apparently the Times lost about four million readers when they put their content behind a paywall, which seems a little careless.  In some ways you have to admire them for their courage, because as long as the world’s two most reliable online news sources, the BBC and the Guardian, remain free then people have access to all the news they want and are likely to just switch, and they are a little out on their own there.  On the other hand, it’s the Times, it’s Murdoch, fuck ’em, hahahahaha!  Mind you, I doubt this will be something they didn’t plan for, to be fair, as everyone knew it would happen, so I assume there must be a plan.

Secondly, it appears that MySpace has had its knuckles rapped for… well, for being shit, I suppose.  According to the Graun their quarterly operating losses have increased to around $156 million, which also seems a little careless, and has led to some fighting words from Murdoch HQ.  You have to laugh at MySpace though.  They had all the users, they were the dominant force, despite having a woefully slow and ugly site and clunky user experience, and when they got a massive injection of cash, did they streamline, redesign and modernise their site?  Did they fuck.  They tinkered with it a little, but even now it’s still basically just the same old shit it was in 2004.  Not good enough chaps, and now you’re fucked.  That’s what happens.

And finally, we seem to have an awful lot of scientists who read this site, so that picture above is taken from the webshop of XKCD, the best webcomic of them all.  Science: it works, bitches.

So, here we get to the five silly questions and talking pish part of the week.  I ask five silly questions and, in the comments, you answer them as sensibly or trivially as you please.  Then we all talk pish on the internet for the rest of the day.

1. The first of the five songs is Chumbawamba’s genius Passenger List for Doomed Flight 1721.  Have a listen and tell me who else you’d put on that flight.
2. When was the last time you checked your MySpace inbox?
3. When did you sign up to Facebook?
4. When was the last time you paid to view a news article online?
5. Why do so many scientists read Song, by Toad (answers need not be entirely accurate)?

Chumbawamba – Passenger List for Doomed Flight 1721

Four randoms from my music library.  I hope Shuffle is kind to me.

King Creosote – Alas, etc.

The Metasciences – Four Colour Love Story

Phil & the Osophers – Let Me Light Your Path

The Libertines – What a Waster

Phew, seemed to get away with that one.

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