Li’l Daggers – King Corpse

Lo-fi garage rock with a bit of surf and a bit of rockabilly, this really is good stuff.  It’s sloppy, rough, loud and cocky and I am really fucking enjoying it.

Mrs. Toad always knows when I am going to get into something.  She walked into the room when this was first playing and asked what it was.  I said it had just arrived in my inbox, and she told me that I was going to like it.  Eh?  I said.  ‘Well, it’s rough and a bit atonal and the singer sounds like he’s not really arsed – basically it’s right up your street’.  And she’s right, it really is.

They’ve buried the vocals deep as hell on this, and they are barely enunciated to begin with, giving the impression of someone singing through a drunken stupour, carried along by the constantly crashing drums, which get a fucking good beating on this record, and the guitar which, while it sounds as off-balance as the singer, still fair snarls its way through the songs with some vigour.

They use some sort of keyboard thing (my knowledge of keyboards, as you can probably tell, is next to nil) to provide a constant wail through most of the songs and, a little like early Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, it seems to hold it all together quite well.  It’s almost like a crying child they give a good kick at the start of a song, and who doesn’t stop bawling until the end of it.

I am perhaps a little less convinced by Devil You Know, the last song on this EP, but the rest are bloody great.  It’s four songs on a 7″ which is short, sharp and punchy as fuck.  Money very, very well spent if you ask me.

Li’l Daggers – King Corpse

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