Friday is Scheming and Plotting and Making Lists

Okay, so today we start our lists.  I have made my own list of my top twenty albums of the year, but in all honesty I am still struggling to pare down my Festive Fifty to, er, fifty.  At the moment it’s more like a Festive three hundred and seventy six, which won’t do at all.  It is, as my father (and W.C. Fields) used to say, no use to man nor beast.

This is your chance, however, to put your five favourite songs of the year into the comments, and we’ll see who the readers of Song, by Toad have been loving the most over the course of the year.

And for those of you preparing for the Weekend of Alcoholic Annihilation next week, you might be interested to hear about something just a little bit classier happening tomorrow night, to which my pal Pete Harvey has asked me to give a quick plug.  And he’s a nice chap, so why not.  Besides I still nurture an intellectual inferiority complex about classical music which presumably stems from my traumatic childhood.

Saturday 11th December 2010, 7.30pm at the Canongate Kirk – Macmillan: Seven Last Words from the Cross & Byrd: Motets.

The Rose Street Ensemble with the Calton Consort – Conductor: Jason Orringe.
The Facebook event is here if you would like to investigate further, and a nice handy Google Maps link here.  And no, I doubt it’s that Jason Orange.  And no, of course he’s never heard that joke before.

So, we are all doing our five favourite songs of the year vote this week.  Last year I was quite bad about adding it up, but this year I promise to keep a running total (at least, of everything with more than one vote, anyway).  I can’t add mine because obviously I don’t want to jump the gun on my own Festive Fifty, but I thought I might revisit my top five songs from last year, and then sit back and do my sums while you let me know what has been exciting you the most in 2010.

Looking back at my top five from last year, I do notice a couple of Song, by Toad Records bands in there, and that is one thing which will be different this year: I am banning Song, by Toad Records bands from any of my lists.  It was fair enough to include them when we hadn’t released that much, but we’ve had a very busy year and so there would be a definite danger of the label swamping the list this year, and besides, I could hardly put one of our bands’ debut albums in the top five while another barely scraped the top ten, now could it?

So just take it as read that I love our bands the most and that if it weren’t for this ban, everyone else would be scrapping over tenth place at best.  So anyway, ladies and gentlemen, nerds and nerdettes, your votes please…

Elvis Perkins in Dearland – Shampoo

Meursault – William Henry Miller Pt.2 (Single Version) (Buy on clear vinyl 7″ here)

Navigator – Work is Done

Trips and Falls – And In Real Life He Wears Corduroy Pants (Buy here)

FOUND – Mullokian (Toad Session)

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