Rob St. John & the Braindead Collective – The Whites of Our Eyes

This, boys and girls, is pretty fucking awesome.  And it helps you be a better person too, which is awfy nice of them.  A little while back Rob St. John was joined by The Braindead Collective (a droney, krauty bunch of London musicians, about whom I have to confess I know practically nothing) to record what is nominally a Christmas single, I think, although I am struggling to make out the Christmassy aspect.  Rob’s vocals never were very distinct.

Anyway, the texture and drama the Braindead guys bring to this song is fucking amazing.  This was recorded live in a church in Oxford in early December, I think.  So when I said to Rob that I might be tempted to take a little reverb off the main vocal his response was this might be a little tricky, under the circumstances.  Still, the final result is bloody good.

But before I forget, how does this make you a better person?  Well, the whole thing was recorded to support Shelter (you can imagine that Winter is a pretty taxing time for a homelessness charity) and can be downloaded from Bandcamp here, for the price of a donation.  Quite apart from the importance of supporting Shelter, this song is in and of itself more than worthy of a chunk of your cash.

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