Swallows by The Savings and Loan Released as Free Single

Swallows is the second single to come from The Savings and Loan’s debut album Today I Need Light, which arrived from the manufacturers yesterday and should be in shops within a week or so, depending on how our distributors get on with the snow.

We’ve had a decent enough start with the press for the album, with the Skinny describing it as “quiet, dangerous and likely to sink deep into your brain”, while we even got a few kind words out of Contact Music, who generally dislike everything we release.  Despite referencing Coldplay early in the review, they went on rather shockingly to admit “moments of true musical beauty”A Tidal Wave of Indifference has been the most notable place to enjoy the positive so far, however, saying, amongst other things, that “It’s not for everyone, but it’s never anything less than captivating.” Awesumz.

Anyway, we’re giving away Swallows as our second free single, as an enticement to get people to skimp slightly on the presents for some tedious niece or nephew and spend their money on themselves instead, and to go along with that we have a couple of videos from the band’s house gig the other week.  For those of you who missed that, their next live appearance will be at the Song, by Toad Records Christmas Party, where they’ll be playing on the acoustic stage upstairs along with Rob St. John and Yusuf Azak.

The Savings and Loan – Swallows by Song, by Toad

Direct download: The Savings and Loan – Swallows

And here’s a bonus video of Catholic Boys in the Rain, also from the House Gig, just because… well, just because we had it really.