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Toadcast #151 – The Treecast

The Treecast is so named because we purchased and decorated our Christmas tree this afternoon.  It is an incoherent mess of all sorts of shite, stupid garish baubles, a weird peacock thingy and some foolish attempts at being tasteful which have been utterly overwhelmed by the utter cack which surrounds them.

My parents always did seriously tasteful trees actually, so I would imagine they will be downright ashamed of the half-arsed mess we have managed to create.  Actually, my dad is the world’s biggest Grinch, so he won’t give a shite, but my mum might be silently disappointed.

Nevertheless it now feels like Christmas has properly started.  We have orded a keg of beer for our Christmas party (our own one, not the label one) and for the New Year’s piss up as well.  We’ll have Jonnie Common, The Japanese War Effort and Neil fae Meursault playing a house gig that evening, and there will, it now appears, be shitloads of very tasty beer too.  Why the fuck would anyone bother with town?

Direct download: Toadcast #151 – The Treecast

01. Grandaddy – Now It’s On (00.21)
02. Jason Lytle – D.U.I. BBQ Checkpoint (07.39)
03. Twilight Hotel – Mahogany Veneer  (12.25)
04. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Heart in Your Heartbreak (18.44)
05. Wolf Parade – Semi-precious Stone (22.36)
06. That Ghost – Older (30.17)
07. Grandaddy – Band Synergy (A Peek Inside the Magic) (35.34)
08. Grandaddy – You Know You’re Fucked Up (38.50)
09. Crystal Stilts – Shake the Shackles (43.54)
10. The Monochrome Set – Jetset Junta (Remix) (48.19)
11. Gobble Gobble – Wrinklecarver (51.20)

7 witty ripostes to Toadcast #151 – The Treecast

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    Direct download needs a tweek to get it working Matthew

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    Yeah, that’s because Libsyn is fucking me around, the fucking shower of cunts. I’ve changed it to a self-host for now, so the download should work. Fucking twats. Made me miss seeing Tapeheads and Yusuf up at Limbo now as well. Unspeakable bunch of fucking cunts.

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    On the bright side, i can listen to it on my way to the lakes in the morning now.

    hope you managed to catch up with the drinking team

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    I have to say that I never thought I would hear the phrase “…made me long for Winnipeg”, and certainly not in a song…

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    Yeah, even Mrs. Toad noticed that one.

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    Ok the last Pains of……album may have been a bit flabby, but that single is excellent, wash your ears out and try a jaunty step. Maybe the long nights are effecting your appreciation of happy jangly tunes, I’m sure I’ll still leap around to it like a 17 year old after a few beers.

    At least in my head anyway

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    Hey! I like jaunty music. Sometimes.

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