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Live in Edinburgh This Week – 31st January 2011

It’s relatively quiet in Edinburgh this week, but next week is going to be a bit mental, so perhaps taking it a bit easy for a few days is advisable, eh.  Oh well, perhaps not then.

First up is the Lets Get Lyrical Festival.  A bit more cerebral than your average stale beer-scented alternative music show, and hopefully as far as possible from the Drew Barrymore/Hugh Grant carnival of horror you see illustrated on the right.

Their full lineup of events can be found here, although sadly the King Creosote/Ziggy Campbell one at the Caves to tomorrow is apparently sold out.  And then I am away down South for the rest of the week.  Arse.

On the plus side, though, I am away down South to do a wee interview with BBC Introducing on Wednesday and then hang out with some of my long-neglected London pals for the next few days, so it should be an extremely good week for me, I reckon.

Thursday 3rd February: Born to Be Wide Music Photographers Night at Electric Circus.

This is almost sold out, apparently, so if you want to go I would recommend getting your tickets in advance.  Sitting through seminars may not seem like the best way to go about doing something which most people do as a creative outlet, but I promise you that these things can be extremely useful either the more you go to, or the more specific the

Friday 4th February: Esben & the Witch, Trophy Wife & Wintergreens at Sneaky Pete’s.

Presumably because of the name I think I dismissed Esben and the Witch as just another London (slightly)alternative folk band, but actually they are a bit more of a somewhat shoegazey guitar band.  I’m not massively familiar with the album yet, but what I have heard sounds really quite promising. The Wintergreens are an Edinburgh band who are a little less loud, but who also make rather promising sounding atmospheric guitar songs – they’ve been around for a while actually, and I have still not managed to see them play live.  Shame on me, I think it’s safe to say.

Esben & the Witch – Marching Song

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Friday 4th February: The Go Team at the Liquid Room.

This should be really quite fun.  I’ve always been a passive fan of the Go Team for ages – never wildly excited, but nevertheless happy to enjoy their stuff as and when it has crossed my path.  They have a new album out shortly too – in a week, I think – which I will review as and when I have had a chance to listen to it, which isn’t quite yet.  Still, there’s a four hour train ride to London to deal with.

The Go Team – Buy Nothing Day

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9 witty ripostes to Live in Edinburgh This Week – 31st January 2011

  1. New Go! Team came out today.

    I win at obsessive schedule knowledge. 🙂

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    And I even have a handy website to tell me these things…

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    if your going to go see the gonteam at the liquid rooms get there in good time or you may not get in due to the dissapearing ticket desk and defiant security. A bit like our host last night. whooops mathew

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    Yes. I thought that was hilarious too. Really hilarious.

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    Rampant Chutney Consumerism

    who goes to these Born To Be Wilde nights?

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    I go to most of them, depending on the subject. It’s the same as any of this kind of conferencey thing – GoNorth, In the City, SXSW – the individual seminars can be a little hit and miss, depending on the panellists themselves and how focussed they are on being useful (as opposed to just being entertaining).

    The benefit is generally more in continuing to go to this sort of thing, as you slowly but surely start to get to know a lot of people, and certainly for a label that can be very helpful. For individual bands, it depends, partly on how keen they are to learn absorb the information and talk to people afterwards, and partly on which exact seminars they go to.

    Just going along to one here and another there and then not bothering is next to useless though, in my opinion, unless you want something very, very specific.

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    Toad was spotted this morning at 7.47am on the gardens side of Princes Street heading East. He had just passed the museum. Why was he up this early and where was he going? On his way he was perhaps lamenting the removal of the ferris wheel and German market, as he looked wistfully across the drab, rain-soaked street.

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    Oh and to think how I’ve missed the joys of being stalked across Edinburgh by weirdos.

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    Remember, fellow contributors, to post your Toad sightings wherever possible. Include detailed location and time, if possible, and your thoughts as to what Toad may be up to.

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