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Toadcast #155 – Song, by Toad Records 2011

This is my annual World of Song, by Toad Records podcast, where I prattle on a bit about the stuff we have coming up in the new year.  I play a couple of things we released towards the tail end of the year, and some stuff by some of the new bands we’re going to be working with for the first time in 2011.

I also prattle on at immensely tedious length about the ins and outs of running a record label, which may or may not actually interest you at all, but it’s there whether you like it or not.

We’ve got plans for some changes for the new year as well, with a new imprint for the label being launched, and a partnership with the Brothers Grimm for the creation of new lines of merch to go with every release.  It’s going to be a bit exhausting, I think, but immense fun nevertheless.

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01. King Post Kitsch – Eggshells (00.21)
02. Animal Magic Tricks – Heavenly Bodies (06.31)
03. The Savings and Loan – The Virgin’s Lullaby (18.45)
04. Inspector Tapehead – Sugar on Your Sheets (22.00)
05. Rob St. John & the Braindead Collective – The Whites of Our Eyes (28.11)
06. Loch Lomond – Elephants and Little Girls (41.36)
07. Trips and Falls – This is All Going to End Badly (52.37)
08. Jesus H. Foxx – Plans (Alt. Version Demo) (54.59)
09. Meursault – Another (61.34)
10. Lach – I Want to Be With You (65.56)
11. Yusuf Azak – Lay Me Down (Demo) (76.49)

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    Loved the King Post Kitsch (went on bandcamp and nabbed those tracks), LOVED the new Trips and Falls, and loved the Lach.

    Looks like I’ll be asking for money to spend at SBT for my bday in July…

    Good luck with everything this year!

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    King Post Kitsch has already featured on a couple of Ones to Watch for 2011 lists (Peenko, Kowalskiy and The List, I think) so I am hoping there should be a fair amount of interest when that album finally drops.

    Trips and Falls, on the other hand, are a band I have never been able to get the credit I think they’re due, which frustrates me massively. Hopefully by the time this album rolls around the label will have increased in profile enough to get them a bit more response, but it’s always hard with an out of town band.

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    When people hear those gorgeous harmonies in “this is all going to end badly”, T&F are going to be HUGE

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    I bought the Trips and Falls CD at the SBT Christmas party. It is an album I have really enjoyed. They already have fans where I work as the album is played constantly in our shop.
    It is going to be such an exciting year for you and the label and the bands. Looking forward to watching it all happen.

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    And I am mildly terrified about getting my shit together enough to actually make it happen!

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