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Toadcast #157 – The Vinylcast

I’ve been itching to do this podcast for a while, but only now got my arse in gear to do it: record a podcast straight from vinyl.  It’s a bit of a nuisance, because I have to switch back and forth from the mic, for the chatty bits, to the USB input for the records… oh never mind, you don’t care about my logistical hassles do you.

The nice thing about vinyl is that the playlist is not simply going to be an inbox dump of whatever new indie has arrived this week, simply because I don’t have all that much new music on vinyl.  Some, but not lots.

Also, the electicism factor is massively increased, partly because my vinyl collection is downright eccentric, and partly because the very act of leafing through completely unsorted piles of records seems to make me lots more likely to pick something absolutely random which fits with nothing else at all and really has no excuse being anywhere near a haircut indie try-hard hipster podcast.  Which is of course exactly what this is.

Direct download: Toadcast #157 – The Vinylcast

01. Windsor Davies & Don Estelle – Whispering Grass (from It Ain’t Half Hot, Mum) (00.29)
02. Eat Skull – Heaven’s Stranger (06.27)
03. The Shop Assistants – Safety Net (12.50)
04. Beat the Devil – Mr. Ray (15.14)
05. King Creosote – The Right Form (25.47)
06. Seefeel – Faults (34.12)
07. The Japanese War Effort – Ribbit (39.09)
08. Edna McGriff – The Fool (44.29)
09. Kate & Anna McGarrigle – Heart Like a Wheel (51.19)
10. Jimmie Lunceford & his Orchestra – Well Alright Then (62.43)

8 witty ripostes to Toadcast #157 – The Vinylcast

  1. Just in case you care, It Ain’t Half Hot, Mum was a 1970s comedy focussing on a troop of entertainers in the jungle during the war. There’s a mesmerising clip here

    I’ve got an album they did (a 50p charity shop job), but it doesn’t have that single on it, which was ‘the hit’

  2. avatar

    Ahhhh, gotcha. I never lived here as a kid so I never ever saw that kind of thing. Mrs. Toad reckons she remembers it though.

  3. avatar

    Total ‘It Ain’t Half Hot Mum’ flashbacks! I’m back at my granny’s house with the old dansette style record player! Matthew – you literally live in a parallel universe!

  4. avatar

    And re: “wimmin’s music” you’ve not been reading then have you?

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    Sarah from the Shop Assistants got me thrown out of the Malt Shovel. True story.

  6. avatar

    Lucy – No I haven’t actually. To be honest it’s something I am generally trying to think about too much as I am slightly nervous about the bad things it might say about me.

    Gary – curse her, how dare she! Details, man, details.

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    re Wears The Trousers – I write for them and always on the look out for relevant gigs to review… (that aren’t Amy McDonald)

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    GOOD! When Animal Magic Tricks next plays up here I shall drag you along.

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