Friday Has a Packed Schedule

So, after work tonight, what to do… there’s James Yorkston at Pilrig St. Paul’s, or the Panda Su EP launch at Sneaky Pete’s, or Ringo Deathstarr at Cabaret Voltaire.  Then tomorrow it’s either the Conquering Animal Sound album launch or Come on Gang’s final gig (and album launch), also at Pilrig St. Paul’s.  It’s almost like living in Glasgow or London.

I’m also – not that I mean to show my age – rather excited about the number of green shoots in the garden at the moment.  Our approach to gardening is more than a little haphazard, but in October we threw piles and piles of bulbs into the ground, and some of them might even bloom!  My mum and my Granddad on her side are very gardeny people, so you may be disgusted at my pipe and slippers domesticity, but I think they’d be proud, bless ’em.

Oh, and I’m sorry this week’s five is a little late.  I was distracted by The Oatmeal for about three hours.  Damn you, internet! I’m not really sorry though, because The Oatmeal is fucking awesome.

Remember that the Friday Fives were designed as a de-lurking amnesty, so please do take this opportunity to come out of the closet and make up some silly nonsense on the internet.  It’s Friday afternoon, remember, so it’s not like you were planning on being productive for the rest of the day anyway.  And for those of you who care, Mrs. Toad and I will be recording our annual anti-Valentine’s shitcast this weekend.  Good, unromantic, sweary sweary fun!

1. Will you be observing Valentine’s Day this year?
2. First crush you can remember (this need not be either sensible or entirely true).
3. Favourite webcomic.
4. Work avoidance hangover tactic.
5. Inappropriate wedding song.

Five Valentine’s songs for you.  Well, sort of.

Richard Cheese – Rape Me

The Wedding Present – Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft

Cherry Poppin’ Daddies – When I Change Your Mind

Tom Waits – Better off Without a Wife

Oh alright, one proper romantic one, if you must.
Billy Bragg & Wilco – Hesitating Beauty

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