Virgin of the Birds – Fugitive Works

Jon Rooney from Virgin of the Birds (and Abandoned Love Records) goes about his business pretty damn discreetly, from the distinctly laissez-faire tone of his publicity emails, to the gently confident nature of his music.

This, as will be immediately obvious from the very first note, is not the sort of music to get a stupid haircut and demand attention for its greatness.  It reminds me of the Scottish Enlightenment in some ways; particularly in the slow-burning, lush confidence with which it so unhurriedly goes about its business.

Jon now has four of these beautiful little EPs available for free download from the Abandoned Love website, and they really do need to become a collectors’ boxset, if you ask me.  His lyrics are not just clever, but composed with that combination of intelligence and carelessness which makes it not only incredibly satisfying to listen to, but also makes it all seem so easy.

The music has a similar laid-back air to it, as if he could write and arrange these songs all day long, all the while playing a game of cards and mixing a fine gin and tonic.  Once, Before Annette has the lush strings, again wonderfully subtly done, while We Broke Blue Laws shuffles along with nothing much more than a bit of organ and a shaky egg.  Love Among the Cannibals ended up being the song I chose to share though, and I have no real reason for it, honestly – they’re all great.

“You held your sword like a dancer, and you fought like the girl I love.” Virgin of the Birds, eh?  Fucking awesome.

Virgin of the Birds – Love Among the Cannibals

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