Friday Does Not Consider Your Behaviour Appropriate

HIYAAAAAAA!  I am a little bit wired this morning, can you tell?  After the onslaught of SXSW (which I will stop mentioning now, promise) I get back to the print press promo work for the King Post Kitsch album, a Josh T. Pearson session at Stereo in Glasgow this afternoon and the Husband, Miaoux Miaoux and Justin Grounds gig at Medina tomorrow.  You are all coming to that aren’t you?  ALL of you!

Oh, and the annual lifeboat collection day has been announced.  With a government seemingly intent on turning us into a third world nation (no social services, massive gap between rich and poor, what other conclusion can there be?) it feels more important than ever that we participate in things like this.  Voting seems to make no fucking difference whatsoever, so more day-to-day stuff looks like just about the only way you can really participate in democracy in this country at the moment.  Christ, I sound like a bitter old Socialist don’t I!

Anyway, on Saturday 30th April any and all volunteers should convene at our house in Stockbridge and we’ll send people out to shake a tin, while Mrs. Toad prepares a big old roast and then in the evening we can eat like pigs and get bladdered.  From experience, the most effective collectors have been anyone wielding a baby (Euan), pretty girls (better not name names here) and pushy bastards (thank you Mr. Sutherland), but we’ll pretty much take anyone, so please do let me know if you’d like to help.

So, as the sun shines on Edinburgh and I contemplate a cup of tea in the back garden, please remember that Friday is de-lurking day, and the perfect time to come out of the intershadows and say hello.  Fill in your five and then talk baws* with everyone else.  Productivity is most severely frowned upon around here, but most especially so on Friday.

1. Which festival are you most looking forward to this year?
2. Name a song for the first warm, sunny day of the year.
3. What do you tend to have with your cuppa?
4. How will you waste time, next time you have the opportunity?
5. How do you take your eggs?

This week’s five songs were all introduced to me by Campfires & Battlefields, with whom I ended up sharing far too few pints in Texas last week.

Bowerbirds – In Our Talons

Musee Mechanique – Like Home

Sam Amidon – Little Johnny Brown

Bodies of Water – We Are Co-Existors

Salt & Samovar – Swallowed a Pill

*For non-Scots, baws = nuts, bollocks, rambutans, balls, testicles, etc etc etc.  As in ‘bawsack’ – excellent Scottish vulgarity!

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