Friday is Avoiding eBay

eBay is a dange… hang on.  How the fuck are you supposed to capitalise eBay at the start of a sentence?  I suppose it has to be EBay doesn’t it?  It just looks wrong. ITunes? Damn these people and their stupid typography.  I miss the days of Wilberforce Carmichael’s Internet Music Emporium and the like.

Anyhow, as I was saying, eBay is a fucking menace.  I am looking up old record players on there at the moment, and have been distracted by even older mics.  It’s terrifying, particularly with their seductively low bids when things are a day or two away from closing.  so tempting, so very very tempting… Which is exactly how our living room ended up covered in Russian propaganda posters.


See what I mean.  Just a clicky-clicky away from disaster. Anyhow, bollocks to all of this, it’s Friday, which means talking garbage on the internet and generally wasting what little remains of the working week.  This is a good thing.

1. Shopping disaster.
2. Shopping triumph.
3. Top present you’ve ever received.
4. Top present you’ve bought for someone.
5. Top present you will be buying for yourself as soon as you can afford it.

Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – Summer’s Been Good From the Start
Shivaree – Reseda Casino
Mark Eitzel – Move on Up
Phantom Planet – California
Rufus Wainright – One Man Guy
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