Friday is Waiting for the Haar to Lift

Dammit, Edinburgh can be frustrating.  Because we’re coastal, warm weather tends to draw a chilling mist off the sea called the haar, which can fuck up the most promising of warm days.  Yesterday, just as things were getting nice, the fucking haar came down, and it’s still bloody well here.

Anyhow, just a little reminder that next weekend (Saturday 30th April) we will be doing the lifeboats collection here in Stockbridge, and would hugely appreciate any volunteers who fancied helping us shake a tin for an hour or two.  We make it worth your while, in that there will be booze and food, and once we’re finished we’ll settle down to a nice big roast dinner and get shitfaced, and it’s generally a really fun day.

The RNLI is staffed by volunteers, and is actually a charitable organisation, rather than being funded by the government, which is mind-bogglingly nuts.  We inherited the Stockbridge collection from our mental-but-lovely next door neighbour when he moved, and it’s nice to make a little bit of a contribution over and above just handing over some spare change once in a while, so if anyone can make it down to our house next Saturday and help out it would be hugely appreciated – just let us know if you’re coming.

And in the meantime, we should really be celebrating the most important chapter in the Bible – the one about the chocolate bunny rabbits which lay eggs and suchlike.  Ah well, I guess it’s about as plausible as the rest of it.

1. Favourite Easter treat (this applies irrespective of religion – an atheist can still enjoy chocolate bunnies and a couple of days off).
2. Chocolate preference.
3. Who really killed Jesus?
4. Closest you’ve been to a boat-related mishap.
5. Things that will never be said in a church (mosque, synagogue, whatever) sermon but ought to.

The Magnetic Fields – Let’s Pretend We’re Bunny Rabbits

Broken Records – And They All Fell Into the Sea (Toad Session)

Blur – Bank Holiday

Bob Dylan – Green Eggs and Ham

The Veils – Jesus for the Jugular

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