Meursault & Paws on Location Music

This is a bit of a multi-nepotism full house plug-o-rama, so apologies but um… well, just tough shit really.  Sorry.

Location Music is a new online music video thing, much like Off the Beaten Tracks and many other similar enterprises, and has been started by a couple of pals of mine here in Edinburgh.  Given they’ve kicked things off with a couple of bands I rate very highly indeed I thought I’d take the opportunity to say hello and let you know they are there.

The first, above, obviously includes a degree of self-interest due to Meursault being on Song, by Toad Records.  I believe Settling is going to be on the new album, but you never know with that lot, and I doubt it will sound anything like the rather nice acoustic version above if it does end up making the cut.

Secondly, below, we have the rather awesome Glasgow face-melters Paws.  I have only seen them once, and I was a little drunk, so I’ll be a little circumspect for now, but from what I saw I was rather excited.  And Teenage Breeding translates surprisingly well to the acoustic format, don’t you reckon?

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