Song, by Toad Records Bands on Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly

The internet works in unusual ways.  I know Jon Rooney because he sent through his music (the excellent Virgin of the Birds) for review on Song, by Toad, then he happened to be in Edinburgh for New Year’s Eve a couple of years back and ended up playing a house gig at our place, and then sent us an email nudging us towards some of the best places in Austin when we were out for SXSW last month.

He also introduced me to Levi who writes Ball of Wax, and also curates the Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly, which is a compilation CD, in beautiful hand-printed packaging, of music Levi is especially enjoying at that particular moment.

He kindly invited me to submit some Song, by Toad Records music for Volume 23, and two of our bands (The Savings and Loan and Trips and Falls) ended up being selected, which is excellent news. So, please go here and purchase a copy, and many thanks to Levi for including us.

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