Independent Label Market

Alright, having just written a big long post advising people not to be jealous… I have to confess, this event makes me more than a little envious.  I know I am a hypocrite, but I didn’t think it would be this obvious this soon!  There is an Independent Label Market taking place in London this weekend, where the owners of independent record labels man stalls selling their own releases, and I want to be there to shop and I would very much like to be there to peddle our own wares.

All the major indies – Beggars Group for example – will be there, as well as Angular, Domino, Mute, Bella Union, Chess Club, Fortuna Pop!, Heavenly, House Anxiety, Merok, Moshi Moshi, Peacefrog, R&S, Transparent, Tri-Angle and Wall Of Sound.  Quite a roll call.

Every time I think about the label and our catalogue of releases I find myself thinking ‘well in six months, it’ll be an amaaaazing selection’. At some point I suppose you have to stop saying that and take some pride in your catalogue as it is, but you know, there are always new plans and new ideas, and I suppose I’ve always got my eye on the future in one way or another.  Also, we’re releasing a lot of vinyl in the next few months, and I am really looking forward to that, which is always a nice feeling.

Anyhow, according to this article in The Quietus, which is where I first heard about the event, Joe Daniel from Angular was inspired to initiate the market by a combination of Record Shop Day and doing the merch desk for one of his own bands.  I have done this before myself, and it is a real pleasure.  When you’re the one who was silly enough to invest in something, there is always so much you can tell someone about why you loved it so much, about how the album came into being, and all sorts of other things.

So if you’re in London this week, go along to this, because it looks really interesting.  A little like Record Shop Day there will be exclusives and rarities and so on, so it should also be a great day for professional eBayers.  If you see one, kick them hard in the genitals for me, please.

More about the event can be found on Facebook and their Tumblr site.

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