Lady Lazarus – Mantic

I’ve read a lot of comparisons to describe Lady Lazarus’s music, and I think that if I were looking for one you might recognise I might plump for a slightly more sparsely-arranged Perfume Genius.  Yes, even more sparsely-arranged.

Although, unlike the rather harrowing nature of the barest grip on normality which seemed to appear all over the Perfume Genius album, this seems more of a series of sad, but manageable set of songs.  Those not about nearly being torn apart, but more about the kind of mind games you learn to keep yourself together in hard times.

On the assumption that you don’t hang on my every word and read every glib, vacuous post I spill forth on this blog I might actually prefer to give you a nudge back to recent reviews of The Honorable Worm and Powerdove. I was listening to all three of these album on pretty heavy rotation at much the same time, and for all they aren’t exactly all that similar, they feel closely related in some ways.

Mantic, for example, uses silence in a very similar way to the Powerdove album – in much the same way The Honorable Worm uses the low level white noise of harmonium drone which permeates his album – to generate an atmosphere where there is very little happening and therefore every single thing which does ends up counting a lot more.

This record isn’t long, exactly, but my initial enthusiasm doesn’t always quite seem to make it to the end, despite the fact that I really want it to.  I know this is a particularly tired old refrain in my album reviews, so I wouldn’t take it too seriously, but I’m still not sure this couldn’t have either done with being trimmed a little, or shaken up somewhere in the middle third.

Nevertheless, I’m really glad I found this.  It’s another of those records where the artist found attempts to record it more professionally weren’t sounding as good as the demos and very wisely returned to the methods which were producing the results.  It’s reverby and lo-fi, but nevertheless a really lovely album.

Lady Lazarus – Nazarite Oath

Lady Lazarus – Fighting Words and Fists

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