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Live in Edinburgh This Week – 23rd May 2011

And as May turns into June… Spring inevitably turns into November.  Fucking great, Scotland, well done.  Thanks.

Anyhow, you’d think putting on a gig on Tuesday, for all its drawbacks, would at least leave you relatively free of competition but this week, for some inexplicable reason, there are two absolutely cracking gigs on Tuesday night.  Other than that I have to confess I don’t see much on at all this week – neither in my quick skim through the websites of Edinburgh’s venues, nor in my own Facebook events calender.

In fact, am I the only person who still pays attention to event invites on Facebook?  I mean, it’s kind of my job, but when I send out invites for Toad events most people tend not to reply at all, although I suppose that doesn’t mean they don’t read them.  In any case, I have every sympathy.

Monday 23rd May 2011: Villagers at the Liquid Room.

I was never all that taken with Villagers, I have to confess.  I liked what I heard of their stuff, but it didn’t exactly thrill me, if I’m being honest. Nevertheless, I’ve heard some very complimentary words about them around and about so I thought you might be interested in this one.

Tuesday 24th May 2011: Sparrow & the Workshop, Haight Ashbury & The Stormy Seas at Sneaky Pete’s.

Sparrow are touring their new album around the UK as of this week, and I am really looking forward to seeing them live again.  Jill’s singing is more forceful than ever, and the guitar and drums are getting just plain ferocious, and they have always been an immense live band.  But they clash with The Lovely Eggs!  The bastards!  What to do?

Tuesday 24th May 2011: The Lovely Eggs, Kid Canaveral, Cancel the Astronauts & Zed Penguin at the Voodoo Rooms.

The Lovely Eggs embody a sort of twee Northern eccentricity which reminds me very, very strongly of the couple of years of my life I have spent living in Manchester.  There are times when I think they might possibly be awful, and then times when I think they might be unparallelled geniuses, but I never quite know what side of that fence I would come down on if forced to choose.  They’re really quite fantastically unhinged live, too, so I strongly recommend getting along to see them.  Assuming you don’t go to Sparrow and the Workshop of course, which would also be an excellent decision.  Aaaaagh, decisions!

16 witty ripostes to Live in Edinburgh This Week – 23rd May 2011

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    Not sure what you mean about Facebook invites? I like to think I decline yours rather promptly as it happens…

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    not sure if it’s been officially announced yet, but rumour has it that some Scared Bunnies might singing the greys as support to Endor on Thursday night at the Electric Circus….

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    Really? Splendid, that should be a good one.

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    rampant chutney consumerism

    Scared Bunnies!!!

    i hate london!

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    Looking forward to Sparrow and the Workshop in Glasgow tonight, though pure gutted that Meursault aren’t doing the Scottish dates.

    Will pimp them on the blog regardless.

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    Yeah, Meursault and Sparrow together would have gone down a bomb in Scotland. Still, logistics didn’t permit unfortunately.

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    Talking of gigs Withered Hand (just Dan) went down a storm at the Stag & Dagger thingy on saturday. Really glad to see him getting such a rapturous applause from so many folk. Have to say Broken Records didn’t quite get the audience going and Son’s and Daughters (the bit we saw) were awful – what happened to the energy?

    Sparrow and the Workshop for me on tuesday.

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    I think it’s that keeping up with event invites is actually a really dull admin task, like work.

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    Well it is now there’s so goddam many, that’s for sure.

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    lovely eggs

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    robc nesbit

    BTW. went see Sparrow in glasgow king tuts tonight – go see. on fire.. easily one of best gigs of past year..

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    rampant chutney consumerism

    Wilf, from what i understand there were a few techie issues with the Broken Records set in Glasgow, i saw them last night in London and it was storming, easily the best London gig i’ve seen them do, really edgy and urgent. good turnout also.

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    rampant chutney consumerism

    and did frabbit support Endor last night?

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    I dunno. I was at Sparrow, who were awesome despite continual technical difficulties.

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    A night of funnies, followed by a WH band set.

    Friday 26th May

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    That looks bloody excellent – shame I’m going to be in London. Stupid of me to miss it too – apologies.

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