Some Cobbled-Together Music Bits

Well there’s no real way of stitching this little lot together coherently, so I suppose a big old pile of stuff in no sensible order is the only real way to do it.

Edinburgh School for the Deaf have a new single out. It’s digital download only, so I can’t very well put it up here for you, but you can expect a song in this week’s podcast, so keep an eye out there.  For those disinclined to wait, you can simply pop over here and buy a copy from Bubblegum Records.

It’s a two-song business, with Orpheus Ascending being more acoustic and pretty, and their trademark (alright, alright, they’re a bit new to have a ‘trademark’ yet, sorry) fuzzy guitars very much in evidence on its sister track Orpheus Descending.

Horsecollar have a Kickstarter project to make a 7″ from the two songs on their Bandcamp page.  I am really only encouraging you to contribute to this because I personally want one.  The jauntiness of Christopher in particular deserves to be immortalised in this manner, so get on with it – you can contribute here.

There is a Lau vs Adem EP approaching, and it looks extremely interesting.  Around the time Silver Columns first emerged I had the chance to interview Adem (and Johnny of course) and he came across as a really nice, really thoughtful guy, so I am really looking forward to hearing more from this.

As it is I have a brief promotional video and a completely fucking different remix (see this week’s podcast) to share with you.  I’ll confess to knowing very little about Lau, unfortunately, but then again, this is why this kind of collaboration is so interesting, because it takes you from one artist you know to exploring another you might not.

Finally, I have a couple more gigs to announce. Fatcat Records’ recent signing Milk Maid have agreed to play a show on Monday 13th June, supported by two of Scotland’s most promising new bands: Glasgow’s PAWS and Plastic Animals from Edinburgh (tickets here). In July these two bands will be joined by the awesome Scottish Enlightenment in a sort of Toad Rapture lineup to celebrate the release of Plastic Animals’ debut EP.  I am really looking forward to both of these gigs.

Milk Maid – Such Fun

PAWS – Ariel

Plastic Animals – Test

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