Holiday Pish

As you have probably gleaned from the lack of action around here recently, Mrs. Toad and I are on holiday at the moment, hence no updates.  This is not to say that the blog is going to be abandoned for the fortnight we are away, just that the schedule of updates might be a little sluggish.

I am not intending to give you all the gory details of our holiday, not least because for those left at work that would be rather ungracious gloating, but safe to say we are having fun.  We got the ferry out to Corsica on Sunday and have been driving down the coast.  It’s all a bit resorty, so we have one last day on the beach tomorrow and then we’ll head up into the mountains, which is where the ‘real’ Corsica is to be found, apparently.

In musical terms, we ended up coming out here, knowing we were going to be renting a car, but with only one CD: the Song, by Toad Records sampler.  Then, after a day, once Mrs. Toad was getting homicidally bored of hearing the same album again and again and again, we finally realised the car we’ve rented has a USB port, and will read any music files on a pen drive.  And what do I happen to have with me?  Why every damn music file in my inbox, that’s what!  Haha!

So now we are driving through Corsica listening to immaculately cutting-edge indie tunes.  Take that, French radio!  So umm, well, here are some quick holiday snaps.  Just in case you give a flying fuck, which I accept you probably don’t.

Asterix!  Obelix!  Menhirs!  That’s a fucking menhir, that is, and there’s bloody loads of them here – awesome!