If there is one cast-iron rule about appearing on Song, by Toad it is that bands who use a ‘z’ where they should use an ‘s’ simply get their emails deleted and will never appear on the site, ever.  Mostly this rule came into place to avoid rappers who think that ‘z’ makes them look hard, but in general it pertains to my reflexive and violent dislike of stupid fucking typography in band names.

But, the chinks formed by FOUND, eagleowl and more recently PAWS have turned into full-blown cracks these days, and what was once a rule has now been downgraded to more of a guideline.  Which is good, because if those blinkers were still on I might have missed out on Dolfinz.

I am going to repeat the disclaimer from Basement Fever’s post about this band, which is where I found them in the first place: don’t read too much into the Slipknot t-shirt or acoustic guitar, because neither will give you any kind of impression of what this band are like.

The music they make is the kind of music in which I have to confess I think Scotland has been woefully slow at catching up with the rest of the world.  With an extremely small number of exceptions, I haven’t heard much of this grungey, lo-fi guitar music executed with anything like the quality of our neighbours either South of Hadrian’s Wall or across the Atlantic.

This is of course early days for the band – from Stonehaven apparently – but despite all the noise, and despite playing their guitars like they’re watching TV and trying to send a text message at the same time, they keep their hooks relatively prominent and ensure that under it all this is still functional pop music.

And with that I suppose I must mention that the usual caveats remain, of course, about ensuring that all the lo-fi aspects of this music don’t overwhelm the pop aspects, and also blah blah they seem to be pretty new on the scene and therefore you can’t read tooooo much into the handful of songs they’ve put up for free download on their Soundcloud page. and so on and so forth.

Nevertheless, these guys sound really promising, and I am looking forward to hearing more.  So much so, in fact, that I have booked them to play the Electric Circus on Wednesday 17th August. But no, this isn’t just me writing posts to shill for my gigs, stop being so fucking cynical.

Dolfinz – Blowhole
Dolfinz – Coral Reefer

And, what might be their first ever demo, if you guess based on when they actually uploaded it to Soundcloud in the first place:

Dolfinz – Bubblegum