Another one of those incredibly difficult band names to track down on Google.  Not as incriminating as Teens, Girls, Women or (shudder) Sexy Kids, but nevertheless, you try tracking down a band called Easter when all you know is that they have a song called Holy Island.  I sifted through a lot of religious shit and quasi-spiritual bollocks before I finally tracked them down.

I was actually introduced to this band by the lads from Milk Maid, when they came in to record their Toad Session and play an Ides of Toad gig a month or so ago.  The asked to put Holy Island on the Session podcast, which was the first I’d heard of the band.

Having finally tracked them down on Soundcloud, I am really enjoying their stuff; it’s quite grandiose, actually, and just a little bit proggy in places.  There are even moments when I am reminded of bands like Shearwater, albeit more in the emotional character of the songs, rather than any musical resemblance.

In amongst the clatter and the engine noise of the guitars, the actual vocal is cold and a little bit unwelcoming.  I don’t mean that as a criticism though, because it gives the songs a nice, distinct character of their own, but again I find myself reminded just a little of Jonathan Meiburg.  It’s not that it’s an unemotional voice, more that the emotions to which it does succumb are resented and bottled up as much as possible – almost as if their breaking through into the song feels like some kind of failure to the singer, who doesn’t really trust us enough yet to really want to share too much.

It’s hard to make much of just three songs, as I say constantly on these pages, but this lot look really promising.

Easter – Somethin’ American
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