Friday is Feeling Awfully Legit All of a Sudden

 When you start a business, certain things which stamp you with the mark of legitimacy are basically just a nuisance.  Completing your accounts for the year is very much one of these: an awful chore, which never at any point makes you feel like your are a proper business-owning muthafucka and don’t you forget it, more like a twelve-year-old staring resentfully at their homework.

Being a blogger doesn’t help.  If I called myself a writer or the owner of one of the UK’s most upwardly mobile record labels then I would feel like… I dunno, like I wasn’t just making shit up as I go along and hoping to get away with it.  But the very term ‘blogger’, no matter how many of the world’s most respected writers now write blogs too, still reeks of a misunderstood teenager complaining into the vast, indifferent wastelands of the internet, whilst sitting in his parents’ basement at three in the morning with his hand down his pants and a half-eaten jumbo pack of Cheesy Wotsits spilling over the keyboard.

Recently, though, I have started to have to do things which actually make you feel awkwardly legitimate.  Not legitimate specifically because you have to do them, but because the very act of doing them makes you finally realise that actually it is legitimate and right for you to be doing them, which is actually a bit of a shock when it finally dawns on you.

I have written, for example, a couple of employment references for people in our bands, and over the last couple of years, a couple of employer references for people renting flats.  And actually, given the nature of the music industry, I am probably just about the right person to be doing it, which is an odd sensation.

And, seeing as I am now defining pissing about on the internet as being a proper job, how do I define skiving?  When you fill in your Friday Fives and then bugger about talking pish for the rest of the afternoon you are genuinely skiving, but when I do it am I executing business strategy?  I liked it better when it was just outright skiving, frankly.

1. Thing you do which makes you feel most like a proper grown-up (n.b. you don’t have to actually be a grown-up to answer this).
2. Thing which still makes you feel like a child – not past-time, we all have those, more a chore of some description.
3. Thing you thought would make you feel grown-up but didn’t.
4. Something you have entirely grown out of enjoying.
5. Thing which, despite growing up, hasn’t lost its appeal.

Luna – Dear Diary
Pearl Jam – Bu$hleaguer
Beck – Guess I’m Doin’ Fine
Yo La Tengo – Upside Down
Future Bible Heroes – Losing Your Affection
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