Ghost Outfit

Well, I suppose this answers the question of what people mean by ‘buzz’, albeit at a very low level for the time being.

It seems that all at once Ghost Outfit have popped up on a few radars, and given a couple of those radars have only had a few dicey recordings and someone else’s word to go on, I think we can see how (nebulous excitement + lack of much real information) = BZZZZZZZZZZZ!  Sometimes it’s the clamouring to know enough to have a real opinion which generates more fuss that simply thinking something is good in the first place.

Anyhow, I am booking four shows at the Electric Circus this August, and one of the bands playing is Ghost Outfit.  They are from Manchester, and Dave from Manchester night Underachievers Please Try Harder contacted me about possibly booking them in Edinburgh. Dave books as The Loomer Agency (I think it’s his company, although I’m not certain), he helped me sort out the recent Milk Maid gig, and books for plenty of other excellent bands like The Louche FC and the brilliant Weird Era.

Anyhow, he sent me a link, I liked what I heard and asked if they wanted to play in August, and we sorted out a slot on Friday 26th, at which point Dave added the somewhat unnecessary aside (I’d already booked them after all) that if I like their recordings, I should wait to see them live, because they are unbelievable.

Anyhow, the only reason I mention this is because yesterday, this band I know nothing about appeared in two other highly, highly credible places: Basement Fever, and The Pigeon Post. And, coincidentally, the former was pointing out that the latter had described them as the “the best live band in Manchester (by my approximation) for the past 6 months or so”.  And lo and behold, they’ve been featured on Cloud Sounds as well.  So I was intrigued enough about booking them to begin with, but when these three muppets (whose opinions, just to be clear, I hold in very high regard indeed) are also showing excitement, then I reckon we might be in for a treat on the 26th.

Anyhow, the band are currently engaged in a project whereby they are making videos for each song on their new EP, and as they post the video on their Tumblr site, the are also making the song available via Bandcamp. At least I think that’s what’s happening.

I Was Good When I Was Young (above) is a pretty obviously excellent pop song, but if you look at some of the other songs on the aforementioned Bandcamp page then you’ll see that it really ain’t all quite so easy.  There are songs of clanking, barely listenable noise, lo-fi snarling to the point that you wonder if they’re deliberately trying to hurt your ears, and then on Side Two, some surprisingly mellow stuff – well, fairly mellow anyway.

Despite the mess, the overall results are fucking ace.  Even the most abrasive song – probably this one – doesn’t sound like they’re deliberately just trying to be dicks, because the general variation around it gives even that rattle of awesome noise somewhere solid to settle.  I am really looking forward to this gig!