Ghost Outfit (Again)

I know I’ve posted about these guys before, and I know that they are playing the Electric Circus tomorrow with Brown Brogues and Rollor, so I have a vested interest in pushing them to the top of the blog page at the moment, but I promise I am not just shilling for my own gigs.

More accurately, the fact that we are putting them on so soon has pushed the band to the forefront of my mind, and as such I’ve been listening to their stuff, and going over the project they have on the go at the moment, and it really is excellent.

They’ve been pairing videos with their songs, and releasing them one at a time via a combination of Bandcamp, Vimeo and their blog, and a really cracking EP has been slowly revealing itself over time.  This is the kind of project the internet was made for, and I really wish more bands tried to tackle this kind of stuff.

The music, as I said before, goes from lo-fi pop to experimental drone to barely-listenable barrages of noise, and the DIY videos they’ve put together match the music really well.  I am not a massive fan of digital music in some senses, and I think that is largely related to what people are doing with it, which is not much.

The challenge from digital (both legal and illegal) has reinvigorated the quality of physical music objects in some ways, as people realise that in the face of such low-cost competition they had to make physical objects compelling again if they wanted people to buy them, and that just slapping the music on some sort of plastic disc isn’t going to cut the mustard anymore.

Digital music, on the other hand, despite all the possibilities, seems to have rather stood still in the last five years.  It’s an interesting format, ripe with possibilities, but it seems like very few people are taking the time and effort to do inventive things with all the multimedia, interactive possibilities which exist nowadays.

I accept that this probably happens a lot more in other genres of music, and that this particular project is still really quite a small step in the direction of real multi-media releases, but it’s something I’d like to see more of, frankly, and something I don’t think we do enough of, either in the wider DIY music community or specifically us as a label.