New Toad: Ian Greenhill

I have to confess I wasn’t exactly planning this, but it looks like we have a new member of the team here at Song, by Toad Records.

Ian Greenhill used to write Have Fun at Dinner, as well as reviews for plenty of respectable publications too.

On a personal level, despite the fact he was clearly as mad as a sack of spanners, I always thought Ian was one of the best writers knocking around the Scottish blogosphere, and when he started writing features where he took local musicians shopping for secondhand records, and then discussed their purchases afterwards, I became downright envious that I had never thought to do something like that myself.

Anyhow, given his skills are being exploited by no-one more worthy than high street retail at the moment, a short pub conversation has resulted in him coming on board here at Song, by Toad Records.  The idea is that he will start writing for the site as and when he feels inclined, as well as helping us with radio plugging, PR work, and distribution.

I’m also hoping he can get involved in improving the blog, allowing us to do more interviews, writing about a slightly different kind of music, and stuff like that.  Basically I am at the limit of what I personally can do at the moment, but for all I have always been very wary of taking someone on, Ian is someone I genuinely trust to write well, to approach people the right way, to dig up interesting music, and basically to represent the label and the blog the way I personally feel it should be represented.

I also think he’ll be able to perform that incredibly tricky balancing act of bringing his own personality to what we’re doing here, whilst not making anything feel all that different, which is a bit of a challenge. So yes, please make the lad welcome and so on and so forth, because I am delighted to have him on board.

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