You Can Be a Wesley – Old in Florida

This is going to be one of those annoying write-ups which irritates the living shit out of the band for not actually being even slightly about their music. I’ll explain later.

Firstly, though, this wouldn’t be on the site at all if I didn’t actually like the song, so I don’t mean to give the wrong impression.  You Can Be a Wesley release their Nightosphere EP digitally on the 1st November 2011, and if it maintains this level of sprightly, eccentric pop then it should be rather good.

However, I promised a faintly ridiculous digression, so here it is:

When I hear a band called You Can Be a Wesley, something somewhere inside me automatically thinks they mean that you, too, can win the European cup with Hartlepool.

What the fuck are you on about? you might reasonably be thinking.  Well, when Championship Manager, the football management game to which I was utterly addicted during my university years, first came out, it was really quite trivially easy to set up a formation* which did the trick so effectively that you could quite honestly win the European Cup with Hartlepool if you could be bothered to wait for the successive promotions.

For non-football fans, this is an act of giantkilling so completely unfeasible that it is somewhat akin to the Latvian armed forces sailing halfway around the world and mounting a successful invasion of China.

In fact, so reliable was this formation that my best friend used to joke that you could win the European Cup with a team of Wesleys if you really wanted to – that is, a team composed entirely of people called Wesley.  I don’t know if he ever tested it, but I think he might have, so you can imagine that far from being a slightly crap band name, ‘You Can Be a Wesley’ seems more like a triumphant rallying cry for the hopelessly outmatched underdog to me.

As well as a sheepish reminder of why I got such a shit degree.

The band are going to be thrilled with this write-up aren’t they.  Sorry guys.

*4-3-1-2, no wingers, passing style set to ‘direct’, since you ask.

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