Check Me Out, I’m Awesome

 Morning. A couple of slightly self-aggrandising bits and pieces this morning, if you can bear it. Sorry.  I’ll be as brief as I can.

Firstly, The Recommender’s annual Bloggers’ Blog of the Year vote is going on, so if you write a music blog of any description you have until the end of the month to cast your vote.  Preferably for me of course, but I will probably be able to forgive you if you like other blogs better.  Maybe not though.

Secondly, there is an hour-and-a-half desert island discs interview with me on Blastocyst, here. I picked eight songs and discussed… well, pretty much all sorts with Jonny Brick, who I know from my early days at Fresh Air.  The rest of his podcasts can be found here.

Thirdly, Glasgow Podcart just published an interview with me which focusses mainly on the record label.  It was written by Steve McGillivray who has already written some great reviews of our releases and to whom I am suitably grateful.

And umm… fourthly?  I think that might be it actually.  I forgot to ask you to vote for me in the Record of the Day Awards where I was nominated for best blog, but I had absolutely hee-haw chance of winning that anyway, so fuck it, who cares.  You are all coming to see Withered Hand, Samantha Crain and Mike MacFarlane on Sunday aren’t you?

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