A Wee Present From the Savings and Loan

(Full Toad Session can be found here.)

So, I may have been a little tardy to make this an actual Christmas present, but The Savings and Loan would like to make you all a present of their self-titled EP, which you can download for free from their Bandcamp page.

This EP formed the basis for their debut album Today I Need Light, which we released on Song, by Toad Records at the end of 2010. They then added a couple of songs, re-recorded a couple and embellished a couple more with a little extra instrumentation to flesh out the full album, and the band wanted to make this available as a free download so you can see where it all came from.

I actually received a copy of the EP anonymously before I ever started Song, by Toad Records and that’s how we ended up working with the band.  Enjoy.