How About Some Poster Art For Christmas (and Farewell GDLI)

Anthony from God Don’t Like It has decided to call it a day, and as a salute to the years of excellent work, he has decided to make the posters from his gig nights down in London available to purchase, on nice heavy paper.  Sort of as a souvenir from the old days for those of us who had the pleasure of working with him, or for those of us who just like pretty posters.

The one above – from a gig next week, if you look closely – is amongst the available ones, and for Song, by Toad Records fans there is a Meursault one in there too.  James Kirkup, the fellow who designed them, has a gallery of the posters available up on his own website if you fancy taking a look.  If you want any, just send money to Anthony via Paypal at the following address: with a note of which posters you’d like – £7.50 a piece, plus £1.50 for postage.

For those of you who don’t know Anthony, it’s probably fair to say the man is a fucking loon.  But he is a lovely loon.  A bit like myself, he probably comes across a little overbearing at first, but that doesn’t last, and it has been a genuine pleasure working with him as well as just hanging out over the last couple of years.

I first got to know Anthony because he really, really wanted to do the PR for Meursault’s All Creatures Will Make Merry.  We chose GDLI because Neil from the band told me that Anthony had been to every single one of their London gigs, and more than anything else I wanted to work with someone I could trust to give a shit. Anthony gives a shit.

Since then we’ve shared a good few beers, got drunk and played loud music in our living room far too late and just generally had fun, so I am really disappointed that he’s packing it in.  Also, on a personal note, he was never afraid to tell me when I was talking bollocks and slagging off someone who was actually really nice, and therefore to shut the fuck up.  And I like that in a person.

Anthony has a series of farewell shows booked in London towards the end of December, but the one I am attending will be the Rob St. John/Neil Pennycook one in the poster above.  If anyone fancies coming along too, that would be nice.

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