Prepare to Get Voting

 It’s tough to do this kind of thing off the top of your head, so I thought I should probably warn you about the Song, by Toad readers’ Best Of votes this year, so you can have a wee think before the spotlight falls upon you and you have to make a choice.

This Friday: Top 5 Songs On the Friday Fives this week, instead of the usual nonsense, I will be asking you to list your five favourite songs of the year.  Then I will add them up, and on Sunday afternoon I will announce the winners.  Simple.

Next Friday: Top 5 Albums Next Friday we’ll be doing much the same thing, but with our five favourite albums this time.  I think the concept of an album can be treated pretty loosely, so if something’s a mini-album or a longish EP then I reckon it can pretty much count.  No point being a fussy fucker about this kind of thing.

I will be counting the votes of course, but I won’t actually be voting myself.  That’s because I will as usual be publishing my own top twenty albums of the year, as well as my favourite fifty songs, but that will all be coming a bit later and I don’t want to ruin the (unbearable) suspense.

And finally, as a salute to the absolute fucking genius who decided to describe the storms hitting Scotland today as ‘Hurricane Bawbag’, I thought I’d include some Bob Dylan.  Being English I can’t even pronounce bawbag properly, but that’s still the funniest thing I’ve seen in ages.

Bob Dylan – Shelter From the Storm
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