Friday is Caturday

And not just any cats, those two fuckwits in the picture up there. Yep, Mrs. Toad managed to keep her despair at the loss of Floyd under control for just about six months before she decided that not just one cat, but TWO fucking cats was the answer.

I think the idea is that because I work from home they will keep themselves entertained and not pester me the whole fucking time, but I honestly think this is ambitious. I think they are going to be climbing all over the keyboard all the time and making a right fucking nuisance of themselves to be honest.  And the second I complain people will call be a bad person because wook and the wickle darlings, they’re SO KYOOOOOOOT!

So while you are sitting uncomfortably in your offices today, Mrs. Toad and I will be driving up to Aviemore to meet the lady who’s selling them to us and then driving back with a van full of mewling kittens.  Splendid.

Anyhow, if those two little fuckers don’t tempt you to de-lurk and say hello, then nothing will.  This is the internet, right?  Pictures of kittens is just what people do here.

1. Name the girl (on the left, she’s a menace, apparently).
2. Name the boy (the gormless one on the right).
3. Which of the various internet memes since the cute pictures of cats obsession have you enjoyed the most?
4. What would be a better way of delaying your mid-twenties-onwards parenting instincts which people seem to salve with pets these days?
5. Pick a weird pet for someone you might not expect to have one.

PAWS – Kitten
Squirrel Nut Zippers – Fat Cat Keeps Getting Fatter
The Cure – The Love Cats
Willard Grant Conspiracy – Cat Nap in the Boom Boom Room
Grandaddy – What Happened…
Soft Cat – Silver Babies Sun
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