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Live in Edinburgh This Week – 23rd January 2012

 Is it just me or is the gig calendar around these parts taking ages to shudder back into life after Christmas?  I know there have been good shows here and there, but most weeks I find myself looking at a list of one, rather than the more plentiful goodness we can usually count upon in Edinburgh.

Ah well, Mrs. Toad’s two new cats are capering about the house like loons, so I suppose they’ll keep me entertained in the absence of significant musicfun.

What’s fucking happening in Edinburgh anyway? Neither the Liquid Room nor Cabaret Voltaire seem to be doing any significant booking anymore, are we just not considered to be worth visiting for a band who can attract a crowd above about two hundred people?  I mean, the smaller venues do a good job of bringing really under the radar bands here, but is no-one interested in booking anyone that people have actually heard of?

I love the Ides of Toad gigs, but we’re operating in venues with a capacity of a hundred or so – who the fuck is bringing the bands to the city who can pull a few hundred people to a venue?  No-one, it seems, although please do correct me if I’m wrong. Even DF and PCL seem to have decided there ain’t much point in bringing bands that they’ll happily put on in Glasgow through to Edinburgh.

Presumably we just don’t go, so as far as the bigger promoters are concerned there’s just no financial point in putting on bands here, and so to a degree we get what we deserve.  It’s a shame though.  Even when I first turned up here I’d regularly go to 200-500 attendance shows at the Liquid Room or Cab Vol.

Thursday 26th Jan: United Fruit, PAWS & Vasquez at the Electric Circus.

This is going to be good and loud isn’t it. PAWS are just back from recording their debut album down in shiny, shiny London so I reckon they’ll be in a fair mood to blow off some steam.  United Fruit are a band I tried to get through to Edinburgh in August actually, until it turned out they couldn’t make it, so I’ll be looking forward to seeing them too, as well as a local band Vasquez, about whom I know shamefully little.

PAWS – Bloodline (Toad Session)

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Friday 27th Jan: Live Lounge, with Mike MacFarlane, HP Neilson, Jay Bharaj & Mike Kearney at the Electric Circus.

In the absence of more than a single relatively big ticket show in town this week, why not swing by the Circus on Friday for a bit of an Antihoot reunion, in the form of the humour of Jay Bharaj, the rather biting self-mockery of Mike MacFarlane and the smooth MCing and popsmithery of HP Neilson.

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    Ron Sexsmith and Beerjacket at the picture house?

    Is that not tomorrow night ?

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    Christ, I have to confess I never even bother checking the Picture House listings.

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    Thanks for the plug Matthew. Me love you long time xo

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    Paul Madden

    No mention of Tubelord at Sneaky Petes tomorrow?

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    Tubelord? No, not out of spite, I just know nothing about them whatsoever.

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    Field Music are on at Picturehouse on 6th Feb (not that I’m quite as enamoured with them as some of my friends seem to be). That’s a Monday – and that’s the problem: decent gigs in Edinburgh are almost always early or mid week and as much as my brain wants to tell my body it can still do gigs and the inevitable drinking afterwards and still go to work the next morning, my body doesn’t want to.

    The other thing: too bloody expensive. These Monday/Tuesday night gigs are often £15-20 before booking fees, transaction fees, postage and packing, etc and poverty-stricken public sector workers like me can’t really afford that and the bar prices (Liquid Rooms are worst for that).

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    Actually Field Music is only a tenner. But that’s very unusual.

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    Has anyone actually been to the Picture House? Is it any good? I assume anything HMV is involved in will be shit, but maybe not.

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    I saw SLF at the Picture House Last year, for a mid sized venue it’s excellent.

    Excellent = view is good from everywhere, the sound was good and it was easy to get to the bar.

    I’m not that fussy.

    I’m also not sure of the capacity but I think it’s well over 1000.

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    i are scientist

    I quite like the Picture House, as a med-largish venue, as Cogstar says, you get a good view, even if you fancy a sit down job (and if you do the seats are quite comfy – these things are important at my age). It tends to have a good atmosphere if it’s busy, the sound’s generally quite good and the place itself has been done out quite nicely. The only downside really is that they only sell shit beer.

    When it first opened I thought it was going to be really good for Edinburgh and that FINALLY we’d get a few bigger bands through instead of them going to Glasgow all the time (I think the Liquid Rooms was still closed then), but as time has gone on they just seem to be putting on fewer and fewer bands on that I actually want to go and see – and far too many tribute / heritage type acts. I actually can’t remember the last time I was there – maybe Eels or Foals, year before last now probably!

    And yes, what with the Cab and Liq Rooms both seeming to have cack all on things are not looking too good in this parish for touring bands above a certain level, or those who want to see them at least!

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    I was at a gig at both the Liquid Room and Cab Vol last week. First time I’d been to anything at the Liquid Room in a long, long time.

    The Cab Vol gig was such a fucking nightmare though, possibly the worst organised event I’ve ever had the displeasure of attending. Standing outside in the freezing cold for 2 and half hours to then be told I wasn’t getting in, despite the fact that the gig was meant to be tickets on the door only in the first place. Put me right off going back. I’ve been to a few cracking gigs there before and generally like the venue but that was such a waste of time and effort. Scott from Frightened Rabbit came outside, apologised for the venue’s balls up and played a few songs for the unlucky sods who didn’t get in which made up for it a bit.

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    I am not fond of Cab Vol as a space, particularly, but I have definitely been to some great gigs there, and actually I would say the same about the Liquid Room.

    It’s not so much the venues themselves though, but no-one seems to be actually booking them at the moment. I don’t know if it’s down to my changing taste in music, but I used to be at one of those two venues pretty regularly a couple of years ago.

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