Fresh Air, and Friday Will Make Someone a Fine Wife One Day

Well, what a productive morning I’ve had, being all domesticated.  As Mrs. Toad and I have said before, we really need a wife for all this shit, because we’re both awful at it. Laundry just piles up in the corner of the bedroom until we literally have not one single item of clean clothing left.  Dishes just sit and stare accusingly at us from the sink.  Minor domestic DIY has been ignored for six years now, and counting.  Although I suppose DIY is supposed to be a Man Job, rather than a Wife Job, if we’re respecting our stereotypes here.

Anyhow, Brian, El and myself will be back on Fresh Air Radio this afternoon at 3:30pm with Song, by Toad’s Friday Fives, so please do tune in for some fine tunes, interspersed with tedious bickering. We’ll be adding to the playlist at the bottom of the page live as we go along.

Listen live here: on air from 3:30pm UK time.

And I appreciate the affection, but the cats have been showing an inordinate interest in my working day recently.  I don’t mind when they want to sit in my lap as I’m working through emails, although my legs do go to sleep eventually, but the trampling back and forth across the keyboard does get a little tedious.  I might as them to fill in this week’s Friday Fives themselves. Question 1: orwhgw90382509l;\’a/[g, Question 2: wgm9ic2i2p98p;q/ etc etc etc…

Nah, not really, it’ll be my job as usual.  So de-lurk, fill in your fives and then fritter away the rest of the afternoon talking shite.  Hey, if you’re typing you must be working, right?  They don’t know you’re just talking bollocks on the internet.

1. What is the worst touring band you’ve ever paid to see?
2. Which support band was so bad you couldn’t even enjoy the headliner?
3. How often do you arrive in time and actually pay attention to the support band?
4. Who are the most incongruous/later to become massive support band you’ve seen?
5. Who would you like to see being forced to support whom, as a lesson in humility?

Song, by Toad’s Friday Fives Fresh Air playlist:
1. Rob St. John – Domino (Acoustic Demo)
2. Rob St. John – Domino (Live at Retreat)
3. John Knox Sex Club – In the Ditch
4. SAUNA – Glitter Party
5. Elton Motello – Jet Boy, Jet Girl
6. Beirut – Elephant Gun
7. Beastie Boys – Body Movin’
8. Now Wakes the Sea – Propranolol
9. Adam Stafford – Shot Down You Summer Wannabes
10. Dead Prez – Hip Hop
11. LCD Soundsystem – Someone Great
12. Rob St. John – Domino (Album Version)


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