Friday Has Made Friends With The Cats

 I’ve always felt weird whenever I’ve been asked to cat-sit as I’ve always been a dog person. I’m not sure if it’s because of their doe-eyed obedience, endearing stupidity or general loyalty but I really do love dogs. I’ve never been the type of person who hated cats either, they just seemed to hate me. Now this has proven to be a challenge whilst looking after Mr and Mrs Toad’s cats (Marvin and Mildred). At first they seemed weary of me, with Marvin being the more ‘dog-like’ of the two due to his craving of attention, whilst Mildred would silently sit in the corner and look as though she was plotting my downfall. After a wee while I’ve really grown to love the wee guys, and they seem to kinda like me back too. Mildred is far less weary and has started wanting cuddles, whilst Marvin has now promoted himself to chief head-sitter. It’s kind of weird as I would always think cat folk were daft when they spoke about their cats having such unique personalities, but it’s true. So here is to my two new pals. De-lurk please, and all that shite.

1. Cats or dogs or neither or both?
2.Which animal can you absolutely not stand?
3. Do you think animals have personalities or is that a load of all bollocks?
4. Cat Stevens or Cat Deeley?
5. Which animal are you most frightened of?