Friday is Ready to Launch The Leg at the Lifeboats

Yep, tomorrow is both the lifeboats collection in Stockbridge (turn up at our house between noon and five if you want to help – there will be free champagne and Mrs. Toad might actually bake.  Don’t worry though, there’s a very posh patisserie indeed downstairs in case she fucks it up) and The Leg’s album launch for their fantastic new album An Eagle to Saturn.

The Leg album launch is going to be brilliant.  I have wanted to put on one of these slightly more unusual shows for a long time, actually.  You know, one in a cool location, where the music isn’t just a three-band rock ‘n’ roll bill and all the usual stuff – the kind cool people like Tracer Trails used to put on before they most unkindly buggered off to Glasgow.

Anyhow, these things take time and effort, and frankly I have neither to spare most of the time, so I am grateful to the band themselves stepping in to make this a rather brilliant-sounding night.  Well, in theory anyway, it could yet all go horribly, horribly wrong of course. But it won’t.  Promise.

Anyhow, for those meeting us at The Wash tomorrow, remember that if you go to Papi Falso with your Leg invite tomorrow you’ll get a pound off both gigs, and ours will even finish in plenty of time to get to Henry’s in time for their special super secret musical guest performer. So there you go, that’s your Saturday spoken for.  You can do what you want on Sunday if you like, but your Saturday is MINE!

So, given it’s sunny out, I fully expect those of you who can to skive off early and go find a nice beer garden somewhere nearby, and to spend the afternoon getting slowly pickled and then falling asleep – it just feel like one of those days.  In the meantime, though, why not waste your time answering the following five stupid questions.  Hooray for the internet.

1. Which was your favourite Ghostbuster?
2. Favourite kind of cake.
3. Most trivial injury you’ve had.
4. Kevin Costner or Mel Gibson?
5. What style of music do you fancy this afternoon?  Acoustic, poppy, loud, something else?

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