Hot Panda at the Great Escape 2012

Zowie, these guys were fucking awesome!  I loved Hot Panda’s last album How Come I’m Dead, but I have to confess that I’d rather stopped thinking about the band in if I am being honest the only reason I actually saw them today was because I happened to already be at the Canadian showcase and I thought, oh hang on, why the fuck not, I liked their record.

And they were brilliant.  I know bands, and readers to an extent, hate the ‘imagine the lovechild of X and Y’ thing, but for those of you who have never seen Hot Panda live, imagining some sort of cross between Liars and Wolf Parade will more or less get you in the right ballpark.  Only with added awesome.

Looking at the band is pretty incongruous as well, as the drummer and lead singer look like the straightest, most sensible people around, and they are flanked by a couple of fantastically cool hipster types.  Until they start playing it looks rather like two different bands who have accidentally stumbled onto the same stage together.

Once things kick off, however, it’s pretty clear that I have been a total idiot for forgetting about this band for so long.  They are tight as fuck, and the perfect combination of weird, ferocious and hugely infectious.  At one point, the bass player is playing her guitar with one hand and a trumpet with the other, the lead singer leaps into the crowd and starts the next song from there, and the keyboard player leaps about the place like a man having more fun than pretty much any fun I have ever had.

Brilliant.  And then I had to run off and be a nice sensible person on a panel.

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