Fantasy Rainbow – Teens

 These lads are amongst many great bands introduced to me by Dolfinz.  Every few months I get an email from the Dolfinz lads, announcing that they are on tour with two bands I’ve never heard of before, and every time they prove to be brilliant.

Just before Christmas it was Black Tambourines and Joanna Gruesome, earlier this year it was the awesome Slowcoaches, and now it’s Fantasy Rainbow, who will be playing the Ides of Toad at Henry’s Cellar Bar on Wednesday 18th July with Honeyblood and Dolfinz.

Unlike the garagey stuff Dolfinz usually bring to Edinburgh, this music is a lot more blissful.  The band themselves describe it as dream pop, which is more or less there or thereabouts I suppose, but it’s very definitely still a guitar-based kind of dream pop.

I struggled with it initially, I have to confess.  There’s a gentleness to the style which is a little outwith the kind of thing I’ve been listening to recently, so it took a few listens to really get into Teens properly. What actually helped as much as anything, apart from the straightforward pop excellence of the first couple of songs in particular, was making the connection which solved that slightly nagging feeling in the back of my head… Luna!

This music has that kind of laid-back, slightly arched-eyebrow feel of Luna, a fine fine band who no-one really seems to know enough about.  Two of their albums were re-released on vinyl for Record Store Day 2012, and even I couldn’t get my hands on one, and I’m a bloody fan.

Anyhow, this is a cracking EP.  The CD version is sold out, but you can still buy it digitally for feeble price of £2.50. The nods towards American early-nineties indie by emerging bands tend to sit more or less inbetween Black Flag and Dinosaur Jr. at the moment, so it’s nice to see someone exploring slightly less well-travelled territory and creating gorgeously affecting pop music at the same time.

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