Meursault: Flittin’ Single Available, Album Pre-orders Up Too

Well it seems we’ve been talking about the Meursault album for long enough, eh, so it’s probably well and truly time I tried to capitalise on all this drooling anticipation and actually made an attempt to part you from your cash in exchange for records. It is, after all, what we do here, not to seem to tawdry and commercial about it all.

There are several ways I am hoping to deprive you of your money, in this particular instance:

1. Album launch: This is at the Queen’s Hall next Saturday, a fact of which you are probably well aware by now.  Tickets are here and pre-purchasing is recommended, if only for the good of my bloody pressure, because the more who buy in advance the more likely I can just enjoy the gig on the day instead of fretting about filling the place with walk-ups.

2. Buy the single: The new single, as anyone who listens to 6Music will probably know by now (thanks Rocket PR!), is out in a week or so.  I’m not entirely sure when.  Whatever, if you buy one from the site now I will send it immediately. And it looks gorgeous too – see the utterly unnecessarily hipsterified image at the top of the page.

3.Pre-order the album: The new album is a different beast to previous Meursault stuff, being both much more lush, and recorded in a far cleaner style.  You never know how people will take change of course, but I’ve yet to hear a bad word said about it so far from press people, so with a bit of luck you’ll love it as well.  Pre-order one here, either on CD or vinyl.

4. Actually, fuck it, why not order the full box set instead! Yes, that’s right, we are making super-deluxe, amazingly awesome box sets too, with a copy of the album and both singles on vinyl, a t-shirt, tote bag, CD of demos, lyrics book and a couple of badges all thrown in for good measure.  There will only be 100 though, so act sharpish if you fancy one.

I am sure there will be other ways of robbing your hard-earned cash which will occur to me over the next few weeks, but I’ll let you know as and when they come up.  Let’s face it, if the worst comes to the worst I could always ask David Cameron for some suggestions I suppose.  Although even record labels have the sense to try and fleece middle class people with plenty of disposable income rather than pillaging pensioners’ piggy banks.  But then we’re not all dicks, unlike the Tories.